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Why we are different;

At ASP we have developed a number of business and security management systems that allow us to provide our clients with the very best customized security solutions.

Our solution to your personal security needs.

(CPSDS) - C omprehensive P ersonalized S ecurity D evelopment S ystem

Our path to satisfying our clients needs begins with Threat/Needs Assessment where we will quantify your threat level, check threat history, find the clients routines and their individual needs. The next step is to take a complete snap-shop of the client's vulnerability with a Vulnerability Assessment that includes checking your current security systems, properties, patterns and profile. When we have completed the Assessments we develop with the client an organized plan for “Hardening” the security profile to reduce the clients risk including complete security planning with emergency preparedness plans and staff training if necessary. The next stage has been called by out clients the “Protective Bubble”. They do not always see it but they know it is there. It is our gift to you.

Our client's lives are not static and every proper security program should be constantly evolving to adapt to any changes in their security profile. We are in a state of Development, Implementation and Orchestration of new security strategies as the need arises.

Finally, when the time comes for the client to move on, whether their protective needs have been met for one day or continuing for years, we periodically check client satisfaction with a ananoumous client survey to make sure have met your needs and that you have piece of mind.


Stage 1: Threat and Needs Assessment

Stage 2: Vulnerability Assessment

Stage 3: Hardening – Security Systems upgrade

Stage 4: The Protective Bubble

Stage 5: On going Development, Implementation, Orchestration

Stage 6: Client Satisfaction Evaluation

This is what sets ASP apart; it is not just the intensive screening process, training & tactics, top notch personnel, experience or even our reputation. We understand the client's needs because we take the time to find out at the beginning. It's the thought process, the understanding and the follow through. All these elements are necessary, providing our clients with what they call the “Protective Bubble”. Isn't time you felt that kind of piece of mind?